Mr. Johanan Joy Singh S, (Ph.D)

Project Officer and Research Scholar
Department of Information Technology


Mr. Johanan Joy Singh is currently working as a Project Officer at Speech Lab since December, 2015. He is also pursuing his Ph.D (Full-time) from Anna University, Chennai, since June 2016, under the guidance of Dr. T. Nagarajan. He received his B.E degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, from Hindustan College of Engineering, Chennai, in 2011. He received his M.E degree in Computer and Communication Engineering, from SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, in 2013. His work experience includes working at Cognizant Technology Solutions from September 2013 to November 2015.

His primary area of interest and research is Speech Signal Processing. For his master's degree, he worked on developing algorithms to introduce emotions to neutral speech by modifying parameters such as the pitch, duration and energy with respect to time.

He is working on the following projects,

  1. Speech-Enabled Interactive Enquiry System in Tamil for Agriculture, funded by Tamil Virtual Academy, Chennai.
  2. Malaysian Tamil Text to Speech Synthesis, funded by Murasu Systems Sdn Bhd. Malaysia.

His personal interests include, blogging, music production, singing and playing the piano.


Conference publications

  1. S. Johanan, P. Vijayalakshmi, T. Nagarajan "Development of Large Annotated Music Datasets using HMM based Forced Viterbi Alignment", IEEE TENCON'19.
  2. Jayapriya R, Johanan Joysingh S, Vijayalakshmi P, “Development of MEMS sensor-based double handed gesture-to-speech conversion system”, IEEE International Conference on Vision Towards Emerging Trends in Communication Networking 2019 (VITECoN’19), March 2019.
  3. V. Aiswarya, N. Naren Raju, S. Johanan Joysingh, T. Nagarajan, Vijayalakshmi P., "HMM based Sign Language to Speech Conversion System in Tamil", Int. Conf. on Biosignals, Images and Instrumentation (ICBSII), Mar. 2018, pp. 206-212.
  4. S. Johanan Joysingh, M. Nanmalar, G. Anushiya Rachel, V. Sherlin Solomi, Vijayalakshmi P., T. Nagarajan, “Development of a Speech-Enabled Interactive Enquiry System in Tamil for Agriculture", Tamil Internet Conference, Toronto, Canada, Aug. 2017.
  5. S. Johanan Joy Singh, G. Anushiya Rachel, P. Vijayalakshmi, T. Nagarajan, "Incorporating Emotions into Neutral Speech by Modifying Glottal Closure Instants", National Conf. on Signal Processing, Communication and VLSI Design (NCSCV'13), 2013, pp. 339 - 343.


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